Are you a wine producer?

We have been working in the Asian market for 25 years.
We export and sell Italian wine, organise trade fairs, carry out brand ambassador activity and sales, develop contacts with operators in the sector and put together projects specifically for companies who wish to export wine.
PapaWine is a division of the company PapaFashion, a consolidated company that has been working for 25 years in Asia in the fashion sector. Four years ago the ownership of the company decided to unite its commercial experience in Asian markets with that of Fabio Magnani, a well known expert in the wine sector. Within a few years PapaWine has stabilised important results in Asia and continues its work with great satisfaction.

We are not interested in filling the containers with bottles that are worth only one Euro because we work with quality Italian wine.
We build our markets via a constant presence in the territory, sustain agents, organise trade fairs and workshops.

We travel continually in various Asian countries and do all that is necessary to keep our presence in those markets to meet our customers. In Asia we have relationships of extreme trust with our customers: importers, distributors and commercial operating systems which operate in the various channels of Chinese catering.
We provide a service of selection and carry out direct sales and grouping from our warehouses in Italy.

We create projects based on the specific needs of each wine cellar, both for those who wish to expand and those who, even if they are already large and well established, wish to strengthen their brand with their customers.
Our sales office communicates every day with our customers to resolve their sales needs.
Our main objective is to provide a service for our customers and sell wine.

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