Sourcing Italian wines?

PapaWine has been created by combining 30 years of experience of Riccardo Palmi in trading with Far East markets and the knowledge of Fabio Magnani in the wine industry since 1990.

What we do:
We have distribution agreements and partnerships with several wineries all over Italy.
We can select wines according to your needs.
We can create wines according to your requests (subject to a minimum quantity).
We can group and consolidate small deliveries.
We can taste and approve wines before delivery to your market.
We can organize Wine Tours.

Why cooperate with us:
You can save travel expenses by allowing us to select the wines you need and approve the samples we send.
You can avoid working with unknown wineries and have a partner to control and solve any problems.
You can have a partner to assist you during your buying trip.

Accomplishment of Logistics, Shipping and Bureaucratic Activities
We ship wines around the world and take into consideration the associated fees.
We prepare all of the documentation needed.

“Made in Italy” Warranty – Monitoring Quality and Production Control
We guarantee the “Made in Italy” to our partners in the whole production chain.
We guarantee the “Made in Italy” and the quality of the wines we offer.
We constantly check the quality of the wines we select with samples, targeted analysis of products and our presence at each step of the process.

Cultural Support: Tasting, Seminars and Workshops
We organize moments where we make culture. We explain the land and the wine makers represented by us directly in the markets.

Specialized Wine Tours for operators who wish to discover more Italian wineries.
These are not tourist guided tours but Wine Tours built on specific needs.
The majority of the participants in our Wine Tours are suppliers, restaurant owners or importers who wish to better understand specific wine-producing areas and the background of the wine makers that we represent.
The objective is to meet and know the wine makers, show new cellars for developing the export activities, identify new wines and overall, give them the awareness of the potential of our land.
Our Wine Tours are supported by specialized staff who follows our clients along the whole itinerary.

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